Keep Fueling

Traffic Rules


Be A Defensive Driver

  • Buckle up yourself no matter where you are seated in a vehicle
  • Help retain the traffic flow by maintaining the posted speed
  • Don't get too close to the vehicle ahead of you
  • Don't drive when intoxicated with any controlled drug, substance like alcohol
  • When passing by a construction area, reduce speed, give way to any authorized vehicles or workers at work there. If possible, change your lane and get a track away from workers
  • Driving entering or approaching school zones, strictly monitor the speed limit and be attentive of children walking, crossing or riding bicycles
  • Be exceedingly cautious and slowdown in residential areas
  • When driving in rough weather conditions like fog, rain or high winds, turn on parking and head lights, increase the following distance, drive slow, be in the center of the road, and make  sure that your parking and headlights, brakes, radiator , windshield wipers and other parts are working properly
  • When approaching at railway track, stop your vehicle at the gates and look in both directions of the track. Never stop your vehicle at rail tracks
  • Avoid parking at or near an intersection, too close to a traffic light, in front or opposite of an already parked vehicle, zebra crossing, on a road with heavy traffic, at the entrance of a public building like hospital or schools etc, or any area where parking is expressly prohibited