Keep Fueling

Workforce Health & Safety


"Ensuring We ALL Reach Home Safely"


The fitness of our employees is significant to Khalid Group of Petroleum. Healthy work force is better able to perform their tasks. We also aspire and recognize the plans of majority of our workforce to continue working with us on long-term basis.
We dedicate our sincere efforts to help our employees stay safe and healthy. Risk factor exists in all work. But we manage risks by taking various steps, such as establishing inflexible safety policies, time and again training sessions of employees, empowering them to stop work if reasonable grounds subsist to believe that circumstances are unsafe.
Frequent site visits are made by leaders and managers to spot potential hazard, to verify the extant and efficacy of key safe guards.
To promote safety culture inside organization we further incorporated safety-performance based awards or other additional benefits, along with tackling our work related risks, we put serious efforts to address our employees some of the additional health risks faced by the public in general, diseases such as Hepatitis, Dengue, Malaria.